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An Arboretum is a garden of Trees, a collection of interesting and beautiful specimens.

 The Milford Legacy Arboretum is result of a community planning effort to beautify its center so that all can enjoy it.  The Arboretum has the goals of inventorying its trees, preserving them, and siting a wide diversity of trees to be planted according to a specific design. 

Six areas of the city are involved:  The Green, Upper and Lower Duck ponds, Parsons Complex, and Jefferson and Higby Parks.   

The Arboretum plans by Landscape Architect Edgar Vaugn, shows established trees, those planted according to the plan, and future tree plantings that conform to the Arboretum’s design.   

The Milford Legacy Arboretum was developed by Milford Trees Inc. and the Milford Tree Commission.  It was funded a federal block grant through the Milford Community Development Office and a grant from the America the Beautiful Fund.